Competition 2017 - Categories


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All categories shall be created from wood and shall not include any other material unless so  stated in the category description

 Judging Guidelines

 Design            Originality : Material selection : Suitability for purpose ;               100  
                        Centre of interest : Proportion: Balance : Marrying of
                        surfaces : Line : Bead placement : Life of piece :

                        Strength : Hidden balasts.

 Workmanship Evidence of good tool technique : Juxtaposition of                      100
                        Surfaces : Grain alignment : Precise definition of details :
                        Smooth profiles : Turning to minimise sanding :
                        Identicality of like pieces : Appropriate filling of defects.

 Difficulty         Large objects : Difficult wood : Assembly of components :           100
                        Uniformly fine glue joints : Unique chucking needs : 
                        Delicate pieces : Thinking out the achievement of the
                        concept : Fractured wood : Turning through a small orifice.

 Finish             Absence of sanding marks: Appropriate finish                               100
                        consistently and evenly applied (absence of runs, marks,
                        patchiness) : Dust free : Finishing inside vessels :
                        Pleasing feel : Absence of 'orange peel' on sprayed pieces.




Items in all categories shall be turned from wood and shall not include any other material unless so stated in the category description.

A       Turned Bowl  - Large (Greater than 200mm)
           Opening must be greater than 50% of maximum diameter and overall height

           must be  less than  maximum diameter.
           Must be made of wood only.

B       Small (Up to 200mm)
            Opening must be greater than 50% of maximum diameter and overall height

            must be  less than  maximum diameter.
            Must be made of wood only.

C       Platter / Plate
            A plate of varying diameter with the height not more than 15% of

            the maximum diameter.
            Must be made of wood only.

D      Items with Natural Edge
           The natural edge may be with or without bark.
           Must be made of wood only.

E       Vase or Hollowed Form
            Vase: Height must be more than the maximum diameter. 
            Hollowed Form: Must have an opening which is less than 20% of

            the maximum diameter

F       Spindle Turning
            Must be an item turned substantially from wood. It may be segmented.

            The height of  the  item must be greater than the largest diameter on the item.

            Items for this category are defined as: Finials, Balustrades (an example of).

            Table lamp stand, legs for a table or chair (an example of) or bedpost eg. of a

            colonial design (an example of).

G      Lidded Container (Turned)
            Any size.  Must have a wooden lid, either free or threaded or hinged.

            Hinges and threads of other materials are allowed.

H      Laminated

         Solid or lattice forms

I       Pens & Pencils of any material
            Pens or Pencils that are substantially turned from either wood or acrylic material. 

            Pens or pencils may have bands or other features made of non ferrous metals,

            wood, acrylic or another material that is turned in the process of producing the pen

            or pencil. The pen or pencil must be capable of producing writing.

J       Identical Pairs
            Must be identical in design, size and material.

            Must be made substantially of wood


 K      Non-Woodturned items

          Includes toys, models, non-turned boxes and wood carved items.

          May also  include picture frames, small items of furniture (no

         dimension to exceed 500 mm). Chopping boards, trays, clocks etc.

         May include woodturning as a minor technique.

         Items must be  substantially made of wood with any mechanical

         component made of metal, ceramic rtc.



 L       Article incorporating other work or materials


           Any size, includes additional work to  enhance the basic turned article.

           Articles incorporating other work may include, carving, routing, colouring,

           pyrography, piercing, scroll sawing, etc.

           Other materials may incorporate, leather, metal, plastic, etc.



 M      Miscellaneous

           Turned Items substantially made of wood that do not meet the

           eligibility requirements for any other category but are otherwise

           considered eligible for the competition.


M        Special Feature Category (2017 Competition Only)

            Items inspired by or based on the works produced by

            international woodturner Eli Avisera.

            Items must be predominately made of wood.