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The following is a list of some of the known timbers which can cause a health problems for some  timber workers:-
If the piece of wood you are using is not listed it does not mean there are NO health risks associated with that piece of wood.


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  Common Name Botanical Name Orign Health Issue
A Abura  Mitragina ciliata Pellegr (Family: Rubiaceae)  Tropical Africa Nausea, eye irritation, giddiness
A-Dead-Finish Acacia cyperophylla F. Muell. (Family: Mimosaceae)  Australia Wood splinter and thorns cause skin irritation, dust causes dermatitis
Afara   Terminalia superba Engl. Et Diels (Family: Combretaceae) Central & West Africa Splinters cause skin inflammation
African Blackwood   Dalbergia melamoxylon Central & Southern Africa Acute dermatitis, sneezing, conjunctivitis.
African Boxwood  Gonioma kamassi (Eckl.) May (Family: Apocynaceae)  South Africa Irritation to nose and throat, headache, asthma fainting, shortness of breath, erythema
African Mahogany  Khaya ivorensis C.DC. L. senegalensis A.Juss K. anthotheca (Welw.) C.DC. (Family: Meliaceae)  West Africa Irritation to mucous membranes, nasal cancer, irritation of alimentary tract.
African Walnut  Lovoa trichilioides Harms (Family: Meliaceae)  Tropical West Africa Irritation to mucous membranes, nasal cancer, irritation of alimentary tract
Afrormosia  Pericopsis elata (Harms) van Meeuwen (Family: Papilionaceae)  Tropical West Africa Dermatitis, rhinitis, asthmaAgba Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum (Vermoes.) Harms (Family: Caesalpiniaceae) Dermatitis
Afzelia Afzelia spp. Africa & South East Asia irritant, sneezing
Agba Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum Angola, Zaire, Nigeria irritant, Dermatitis
Ailanthus Ailanthus altissima  China irritant, Dermatitis
Albizzia  Albizia falcataria (L.) Fosb. A. minahassae Koord, A. spp. (Family: Mimosaceae)  South East Asia, Pacific Australia Irritation to nose, eyes, alimentary tract, nausea, dermatitis
Alder Alnus spp. (Family: Betulaceae) Europe, North America Irritation to mucous membranes, nose, mouth, throat, genitals, armpits.
Alligator Juniper Juniperus deppeana South Western United States & Northern Mexico irritant
Alpine Ash  Eucalyptus delagatensis (Family: Myrtaceae) Australia Irritation to nose, eyes and throat, dermatitis
Amboyna  Pterocarpus indicus. Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Solomon Islands , South-East Asia. irritant, asthma
American Mahogany  Switenia mahogany Jack S. macrophylla King (Family: Meliaceae)  Central America, northern South America, Mexico, plantations in Fiji Skin irritation, giddiness, vomiting, furunculosis 
Andiroba  Carapa guinensis South and Central America and the West Indies irritant, sneezing
Araracanga  Aspidosperma megalocarpon Mexico, Central America, and northern South America irritant, asthma
Ash  Fraxinus genus   irritant
Ash, Mountain )  Eucalyptus regnans Australia irritant
Australian Blackwood  Acacia melanoxylon Australia irritant, sensitizer, asthma
Australian Cashew Nut  Semecarpus australiensis Australia irritant, skin lesions, nosebleeds
Avodire  Turraenthus africanus. Central and West Africa. irritant, nose bleeds, internal bleeding, asthma


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